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PFE was established in 1988 as an independent company in the cleaning and sanitizing field. The company was immediately successful due to their professionalism and commitment to keeping their clients’ needs as their main focus. Their immediate success allowed the company to expand, with the addition of a human resources department and other tools which allowed the company to continue their growth.

The company also became a SpA, diversifying their services and creating different branches. This constant professional growth, combined with a particular attention to the quality of their services and satisfaction of their clients, has made PFE SpA one of the most respected companies in the field of Facility Management.

The company offers, within the civil, industrial and healthcare environment, a variety of services, that complement the sanitization services of the company. These include the management of technological equipment and integrated services for energy efficiency, gardening services, hotel management, dry cleaning services, etc.
Today, PFE SpA has its main headquarters in Milan and various offices throughout Italy with on-site supervision by the company.